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How to declutter wardrobe

How to declutter wardrobe

Whoever said a girl can't have too many clothes clearly never dealt with a cramped closet situation. But let's be real if I had a dozen walk-in closets, I'd be living my best life, with no complaints.

Now, when the heaps of clothes start claiming territory on your bedroom floor, you know it's time to Marie Kondo that wardrobe.

Step one

In this style detox journey is grasping the power of comfort and habit. Even though we're drowning in fashion choices, let's be real – we tend to stick to our go-to pieces on heavy rotation. And hey, that might seem all good, but having a style routine doesn't always scream "you." Take a hot sec to step back and visualize your style game. What's the vibe you want your clothes to throw out there? Are you dreaming of classic chicness or rocking the bold bohemian vibes? Picture it clear as day – how you wanna look and feel every morning you step out. Now, check your wardrobe failsafes. Do they match up with that killer vision? If it's not a solid yes, then it's time my friend.

Step two

Is all about asking yourself, "Do these items spark joy?" Some might call it extra, but for real, it's all about the feels. While we might think clothes are all about looks, the real deal is how they make us feel. Many of us keep clothes for their financial value and the guilt vibes tied to that price tag. 

Alright, sis, onto Step three 

let's dive into what I like to call the Ghosts of Bad Outfits Past. We're talking about those pieces you used to be all about, wore on the regular, but now you lowkey can't stand.  Every overstuffed closet has a couple of cringe-worthy fashion skeletons tucked away in the shadows. It's time to face those old-style missteps head-on and learn some lessons. You once loved this stuff. Why? What changed? Were you just copying a style you thought looked cool on someone else? What was it that first drew you to this Aunt Karen look and what was it that finally forced you to retire it altogether?

Welcome to step four

We're talking about "Other You" Clothing. You know, the stuff that doesn't fit or would fit if you were a different version of you (skinnier, fatter, taller, shorter, whatever). Let's get real about it.

First things first, lay out all the gear that's not hugging you right anymore. Break it down – where are the issues at? Buttons acting up? Hips not vibing with the cut? Shoulders feeling some type of way? Is it playing the long game when it should be keeping it short? Get down to the nitty-gritty. Are these problems that were always there, or did they just sneak up on you over time?

Now, zoom in on the pieces that are tough to imagine giving up. Maybe it's a splurge-worthy designer piece or the OG of your fave outfit. What's the deal-breaker that turned it from a must-have to a no-go? Mark down any fit issues you somehow brushed off when you first copped them – those stars are your reality check. Once you see 'em, it's harder to ignore.

Keep an eye on any fit drama linked to weight changes. If your pants are playing the weight cha-cha, consider swapping them for something stretchier or a different bottom style that can ride the waves of your body's changes( Especially if you're splurging on a boujee piece!!)

Last but not least, let's tackle what might just be the easiest step, IMHO.

Step five

Junk – anything that's stained or damaged beyond a DIY miracle (let's be real, you're never actually fixing it).

Alright, spill the tea. Are you a serial sweater snagger? Do your bags and shoes go through the ringer? Some clothes just aren't built for everyone, and that's totally fine. It's better to know your limits before swiping that card.

Now, peep your fresh, tightly curated wardrobe and try not to have a mini meltdown.

I get it; it's way less stuff than what you had before. You might even feel like you're in a wardrobe crisis, but I promise you're not. In fact, you can probably whip up more killer outfits from these pieces than you ever could before. Why? Because every item in your closet is a certified winner. And if you're stressing about people catching on that you're rocking the same fits on repeat, relax. You're not a Kardashian. Wear that red sweater 10 times a month if you want. If it looks fire on you and you feel unstoppable in it, the only thing anyone's gonna notice is how bomb you look in red sweaters.

Alright, fam, now that you've slayed the style detox and got your closet looking like a curated masterpiece, you're ready to conquer the fashion game with confidence. Kore 21 is here to take your wardrobe to the next level.

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